Bila Tserkva Penitentiary Staff Training Centre officially started its activity on the 29-th of September, 2001.
The opening of this educational institution was initiated by the State Department of Ukraine on the Enforcement of Sentences, with the active support of the International «Renaissance» Fund and the Swiss Confederation working in the framework of multi-year European Project «Support to Penitentiary Reform in Ukraine».

The Training Centre was established to satisfy the need to create a modern education institution for penitentiary staff in Ukraine able to carry out the training in accordance with the European standards and rules. In this regard, the functioning of the Training Centre was closely related to the implementation of international projects in the area of criminal sentence enforcement in Ukraine.

The Training Centre is a departmental educational institution that provides professional training for the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine.

The Training Centre structural units are:
- the Department of Education,
- Maintenance and Supply unit,
- Human Resource (HR) unit,
- Financial unit.
The Training Centre can host
360 students at a time.

There are several types of programs delivered in the Training Centre, they are:
- initial professional training,
- re-training,
- professional training.
During its work the Centre has trained more than 34 thousand Ukrainian penitentiaries – the representatives of the 25 categories of personnel.

It is worth saying that the staff of the Centre developed special training courses that include the educational programs, subject plans, educational-methodological complexes, they have selected interactive methods and forms of education for their students.
The activity of the Training Centre is executed by 96 specialists, including 37 staff officials with a military rank and 59 employees with no special rank.

This facility is located on the territory with a total area of 3,65 hectares. In total there are 36 buildings and facilities aimed to organize the effective training process and to provide the accommodation and food for students.

The educational process at the Training Centre is carried out according to the Instruction on educational process in the staff professional training Centre of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine.

At present the Training Centre provides five training departments, which are:
- Special subjects;
- General legal disciplines;
- Shooting and physical trainings;
- Psychological and pedagogical disciplines;
- Training department for probation personnel.
25 trainers teach the modules of professional, legal, psychological and educational skills, as well as the module of special expertise and specialized competence.

The teaching staff are constantly improving their pedagogical professional skills. They have successfully completed the qualification professional training and were certified.

The concept of the Training Centre is based on the idea of combining the theory and practice in professional training of penitentiary personnel. Today this combination promotes close cooperation of the Training Centre and Bila Tserkva penal institution №35, that means providing practical training, testing students’ professional skills on the premises of the training ground of the institution, the participation of the teaching staff in international projects and providing students with up-to-date information about the European experience in the area of criminal sentence enforcement, as well as involvement of practitioners in the training process.

The education facility has up-to-date educational basis. Its main elements are:
- Training facilities (computers and office equipment, technical means for teaching, visual aid, models);
- Classrooms, teachers’ offices;
- Specialized simulator, sports ground and a marching ground;
- Textbooks and manuals, educational materials and references, teaching materials and methodologically developed lesson plans.

The Training Centre has a library with more than 6 thousand manuals and educational books in its fund. The library catalogs are operated with fully automated software system. The reading room, the data resource sector, teachers’ offices are all equipped with personal computers and have access to the Internet.

The official site of the Centre is regularly updated, here you can see the information about the organized events and new materials for students.
In order to provide students with high quality professional qualification recently the trainers have developed and published various manuals and training programs.
Also, the Training Centre has designed its own educational films: now it has more than 20 of them. The most popular among the penitentiary institutions is the educationally film «Relations between the penitentiary staff and the convicted persons. Requirements, standards and prospects».

The Training Centre is a fully-fledged member of cooperation with the following international organizations: Swiss Confederation, EU Representative to Ukraine, Office of the COE in Ukraine, UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd, and the Ukrainian, NORLAU Probation Project, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

At present the Training Centre is successfully implementing the components of the Ukrainian-Canadian Cooperation «Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project» for training of the probation staff the EU Project «Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine» for strengthening the rule of law in Ukraine, and the EU Project «Human Rights Campaign in Ukraine Using the Tools of the International Documentary Festival Docudays UA». The Centre is also cooperating with the DVV International for the education of adults.

On 22.09.2017 the Memorandum of understanding between International Committee of Red Cross and Bila Tserkva ST Center of SCES was signed regarding the increase of the Center’s capabilities in the field of professional training of SCES personnel using the latest technologies and creating «Educational space on human rights and modern penitentiary management».

Besides, within the implementation of international projects the teaching staff of the Training Centre takes active part in different seminars, training, they draft educational programs, develop manuals and create video films.

Currently, one of the most urgent and important task of penitentiary system of Ukraine is implementation of convicts resocialization tools:
- Risk assessment (as the second passport of convict);
- Individual plan of serving sentence (drafted according to the risk assessment);
- Reintegration programs, programs of Courses on development of social and life skills (implemented according to needs of convict).

According to European practice, to improve the penitentiary staff qualification in 2016 it was decided to conduct the new specialized short-term courses on 12 topics required nowadays. They are: human rights and the national preventive mechanism, preventing and combating corruption, effective penitentiary management, prevention of suicide, personnel professional deformation and some others.

A significant role among the activities of the educational institution is given to the organization and holding of cultural and sport activities.
To contribute to moral and aesthetic education of students the Training Centre organizes their visits to Dendrology Park "Alexandria", the local History Museum, concerts and performances at the Organ Hall and Kyiv Academic Regional Music and Drama Theatre. They are also offered sightseeing trips to museums and other historical places.

At the Training Centre all the activities are aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, physical and spiritual values of an individual. The students of the Training Centre are regular participants of tournaments in football and mini-football, arm-wrestling checkers, chess, table tennis, volleyball. The Training Centre organizes sports competitions and combat fighting, rope pulling, weight lifting, pulling up on a crossbeam.

The students have an opportunity to visit a gym and sport towns. The friendly competitions between football teams of the Training Centre staff and students are of a particular interest.

Nowadays the Training Centre has the following priorities:
- To provide the personnel of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine with up-to-date professional knowledge and skills required to perform their service duties;
- To implement the training of new categories of students (the probation staff, experts in engineering and technical means of protection, specialists in communication and information and the others);
- To conduct specialized short-term courses on subjects in the required directions of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine;
- To further develop and update educational and material-technical base of the Training Centre;
- To support international cooperation and participate actively in the international projects.




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